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  • Ganglion cyst
    Although ganglia are among the commonest of surgical lumps, their origin is uncertain. They may represent a benign myxoma of joint capsule or tendon sheath, a hamartoma or a myxomatous degeneration due to trauma
  • Cellulitis
    Cellulitis is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue characterized by invasion without definite localization. Thin exudate spreads through the cleavage planes of tissue spaces.
  • Furuncle (Boil)
    Furuncle is an acute infection of hair follicles with Para follicular inflammation. It commonly occurs over the axillae, back of the neck and buttocks. Poor hygiene, immune suppressive diseases and irritation are known contributing factors.
  • Gas Gangrene
    Gas gangrene results from infection by Clostridium perfringens ( welchii ) and other Clostridium species. The organism, a Gram – positive, anaerobic spore – forming bacillus such as Clostridium tetani, also produces powerful exotoxins.
  • Management of wound Abscess
    An abscess is a localized collection of pus. It contains necrotic tissue and suppuration from damage by the bacteria, and white blood cells. It is surrounded by area of inflamed tissue due to the body’s response to limit the infection
  • Split-skin grafting
    Skin is the best cover for a raw surface caused by, for example, trauma or burns. The recipient area for the graft should have healthy granulation tissue with no evidence of infection.
  • Basic principles and procedures for eye surgery
    Twenty-four hours before surgery, wash the patient’s eye and start treatment with antibiotic eye drops. On the day of the operation, carefully irrigate the eye with fresh sterile saline and, if intraocular surgery is planned, cut the lashes
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses
    Incision and drainage of an abscess are indicated if there is evidence of localized pus: throbbing pain; hot, local swelling with tight, shiny skin; and marked tenderness.

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