Acetyltributyl Citrate: Plasticizer

Acetyltributyl Citrate: Plasticizer

Acetyltributyl citrate is a clear, odorless, practically colorless, oily liquid.

Nonproprietary Names

  • USP-NF: Acetyltributyl Citrate
  • PhEur: Tributyl Acetylcitrate


Acetyltributyl Citrate: Plasticizer

Acetylbutyl citrate; acetylcitric acid, tributyl ester; ATBC; Citroflex A-4; tributyl acetylcitrate; tributylis acetylcitras; tributyl Oacetylcitrate; tributyl citrate acetate.

Chemical Name and CAS Registry Number

  • 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-acetyloxy, tributyl ester [77-90-7]

Empirical Formula and Molecular Weight

  • C20H34O8 402.5

Functional Category

  • Plasticizer.

Applications in Pharmaceutical Formulation or Technology

Acetyltributyl citrate is used to plasticize polymers in formulated pharmaceutical coatings, including capsules, tablets, beads, and granules for taste masking, immediate release, sustained-release and enteric formulations.

Typical Properties

  • Acid value 0.02
  • Boiling point 3268͒C (decomposes)
  • Flash point 2048͒C
  • Pour point _598͒C
  • Solubility Miscible with acetone, ethanol, and vegetable oil; practically insoluble in water.
  • Viscosity (dynamic) 33 mPa s (33 cP) at 258͒C

Related Substances

  • Acetyltriethyl citrate; tributyl citrate; triethyl citrate.

Method of Manufacture

Acetyltributyl citrate is prepared by the esterification of citric acid with butanol followed by acylation with acetic anhydride.


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