Candistat vaginal tablets contain clotrimazole, a broad-spectrum antimycotic which acts on fungi, yeast, moulds

Candistat vaginal tablets

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Candistat vaginal tablets contain clotrimazole, a broad-spectrum antimycotic which acts on fungi, yeast, moulds, etc. It also acts on Trichomonas vaginalis, Gram-positive micro-organisms (Streptococci/ Staphylococci) and Gram-negative micro-organisms (Bacteroides/Gardnerrella vaginalis)


When used intra-vaginally absorption into the system is poor with only 3 to 10% of the dose being absorbed. This is metabolized in the liver and excreted in bile. Fungicidal concentrations therefore remain in the vaginal for as long as 3 days after application.


Vulvo-vaginal candidiasis, vulvo-vaginal trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginitis, mixed vaginal infections and infective leucorrhoea

Dosage and administration

Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, one vaginal tablet should be inserted as deeply as possible into the vaginal preferably on retiring to bed at night

Candistat vaginal tablets: one tablet inserted, preferably at night, for six consecutive days or alternatively 2 tablets at night for 3 consecutive days

In recurrence a second treatment of 2 candistat vaginal tablets preferably at night can be inserted safely 6-12 days

Candistat- 200 vaginal tablets: one tablet to be inserted, preferably at bed time for 3 consecutive days. In recurrence a second treatment of 1 tablet at night can be inserted safely for 6-12 days

Recurrence is common if the full course of treatment is not completed.

Insertion of the tablet is best achieved when lying back with the legs slightly drawn up. It is recommended that treatment be timed so as to avoid the menstrual period and be finished before the onset of menstruation.

For complete relief it is advisable to apply candistat cream to the area around the vagina. To prevent reinfection the sexual partner should be treated locally with candistat cream

Side effects

There are no systemic side effects since absorption of clotrimazole through the vaginal mucosa is minimal. Allergic dermatitis, local reactions including irritation and burning sensation may occur.


Intra-vaginal preparations of clotrimazole may damage latex contraceptives and additional contraceptive measures are therefore required.

Use in pregnancy

Administration of candistat vaginal tablets during pregnancy especially the first trimester, should be under medical advice. During pregnancy, candistat vaginal tablets when prescribed should be inserted without using applicator.

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