chestcof syrup and tablets

Chestcof® tablets and syrup

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Chestcof® tablets and syrup

Glycyrrhiza (Liquorice) extract act as a demulcent and expectorant and menthol relieves the symptoms of bronchitis and sinusitis. Volatile oils exert a mild irritant action on the mucous membranes of the mouth and the digestive tract, which induces a feeling of warmth and increases salvation, thereby giving a demulcent soothing effect. They may also be taken for the relief of catarrh. Anise oil, ipecacuanha extract and creosote in small doses act as mild expectorants.

chestcof syrup and tablets


  • Liquorice liquid extract B.P 35mg per ta| 1.0ml per 100ml of syrup
  • Menthol B.P 10mg per tablet | 45 mg per 100ml of syrup
  • Anise oil B.P 0.001ml per tablets | 0.05ml per 100ml of syrup
  • Dementholised mint oil B.P 0.001ml per tablet | 0.135ml per 100ml of syrup
  • Ipecacuanha liquid extract 0.075ml per 100 of syrup
  • Capsicum tincture B.P.C 0.02ml per tablet
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  • Pine Pumilio B.P 0.001ml per tablet
  • Eucalyptus oil B.P 0.002ml per tablet
  • Creosote 0.002ml per tablet


The ingredients are well absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract when taken orally. The volatile oils are excreted through the lungs, skin and kidneys. Menthol is excreted in the urine and bile as a glucoronide. Creosote conjugates with gluocoronic and sulphuronic acids appears in the urine.


Relief of cough, catarrh and congestion. Soothes throat irritation and helps in expectoration of phlegm

Dosage and administration


Adults and children over 10 years: one tablet to be sucked, 3-4 times daily or when necessary, not exceeding 8 tablets in 24 hours (Not recommended for children under 10 years)


Children aged 2 to 10 years: 5-10 ml (1 to 2 five ml spoonful), up to 4 times a day

Adult and children over 10 years: 10-15ml (2-3 five ml spoonful), up to 4 times a day

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients

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