Camphor [C10H16O], is a ketone or a ketotetrahydro-cymene, obtained from Cinnamomum camphora

Compounding of 50 ml Camphor Water BP.

Aromatic waters are saturated solutions of volatile oils (e.g. rose oil, peppermint oil) or other aromatic substances (e.g. camphor). Camphor [C10H16O], is a ketone or a ketotetrahydro-cymene, obtained from Cinnamomum camphora. Camphor occurs as a colorless, transparent, crystalline solid. It has a powerful penetrating odor, and pungent, somewhat bitter, taste, followed by a slight sensation of cold. It has specific gravity 0.986 to 0.996. 

Camphor [C10H16O], is a ketone or a ketotetrahydro-cymene, obtained from Cinnamomum camphora

Synthetic camphor differs from the natural camphor in being optically inactive instead of dextrorotatory. Camphor is readily soluble in alcohol (1 in 1.25), olive oil (1 in 4), and chloroform (4 in 1) but sparingly soluble in water (1 in 700). In the preparation of Camphor Water BP, alcohol acts as a distributing agent.


– Camphor 1 g

– Ethanol (90%) 2 ml

– Purified water q.s. to 1000 ml

Apparatus Used 

Glass beaker, measuring cylinder and volumetric pipette.


Measure the required quantity of camphor and dissolve in ethanol (90%). Add this solution in small quantities to the purified water with vigorous shaking after each addition. Afterward shake occasionally until all the camphor is dissolved. The addition of alcoholic solution to the purified water yields a finely divided precipitate of camphor, which re-dissolves easily on shaking. Transfer in clean amber colored glass container and close it tightly.

Category: Pharmaceutical aid.

Dose: 30 to 60 ml.

Therapeutic Use

Camphor Water BP is used chiefly for flavoring purposes, but it has a mild carminative, diaphoretic, and expectorant action. Camphor Water BP is used as the vehicle in ophthalmic solutions owning to its ability to contribute refreshing, stimulating effect to the preparation. 


Camphor Water BP should be stored in well-closed, light resistant container in cool place to prevent the volatilization of camphor. 


The label should have the caution ‘PROTECT FROM SUN LIGHT’ with red ink due to the presence of volatile constituents in the preparation. 



Purified water should not be added to the alcoholic solution of camphor because this whole of the camphor will be precipitated out which will not re-dissolve easily on shaking. But the drop wise addition of alcoholic solution of camphor to the purified water will not cause this type of problem.


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