Dihydroartemisinine/piperaquine phosphate (D-artepp)

Dihydroartemisinine/piperaquine phosphate (D-artepp)

D-artepp is used to treat uncomplicated malaria when use of a medicine given by mouth is appropriate. Malaria is caused by infection with a parasite called Plasmodium, spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. This drug is effective against Plasmodium falciparum parasite.

Dihydroartemisinine/piperaquine phosphate (D-artepp)
Dihydroartemisinine structure

Pregnancy and breast feeding

D-artepp must not be used in pregnancy if your doctor can give you an alternative medicine.  You should not take this medicine while breast-feeding


Driving and using machines

You can drive or use machine after taking this medicine

Vomiting when taking this medicine

· 30 minutes of taking this medicine, the whole dose must be taken again

· 31-60 minutes, half the dose must be taken againIf your child vomits also the second dose, do not give your child another dose. Contact your doctor urgently to obtain an alternative treatment for malaria.

Take special care with D-artepp

·  H as liver or kidney problems


· Has a malaria infection caused by a parasite other than Plasmodium falciparum

· Is taking or has taken any other medicines for the treatment of malaria

· Is pregnant or breast-feeding

· Is taking certain other medicines which could cause possible metabolic interactions

Do not give this medicine to infants under 6 months or below 5 kg in weight

How to take

You should give this medicine on an empty stomach of your child. You should give each dose no less than 3 hours after the last food intake, and no food should be taken within 3 hours after each dose of D-artepp.

· 5 to less than 8 kg body weight take one 20mg/ 160 mg tablet a day

· 8 to less than 11 kg body weight take one and half 20 mg/ 160 mg tablets a day

· 11 to less than 17 kg body weight take two 20mg/ 160 mg tablets a day

· 17 to less than 25 kg body weight take one and half 40 mg/ 320 mg tablets a day

· 25 to less than 36 kg body weight take two 40 mg/ 320 mg tablets a day


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