DIOFULVIN TABLETS® (Griseofulvin® tablets 500mg)

DIOFULVIN TABLETS® (Griseofulvin® tablets 500mg)

DIOFULVIN TABLETS® (Griseofulvin® tablets 500mg)

Diofulvin is a fungistatic antibiotic that exert its effects by inhibiting fungal cell division through disruption of mitotic spindle structure. Each tab contains 500mg.


Dermatophyte, infection of the skin, scalp, hair and nails where topical therapy has failed or is inappropriate.

DIOFULVIN Dosage regimen and direction for use

Adults: daily administration of 500mg (as a single dose or divided doses) will give satisfactory response in most patients with tinea corporis, tinea cutis and tinea capitis, for those fungal infection more difficult to eradicate, such as tinea pedis and tinea unguium, a divided dose diagnosis of 750mg is recommended or as prescribed by physician.


Pediatric: approximately 10mg per kg body weight per day of griseofulvin is an effective dose for most pediatric patients.

DIOFULVIN Contraindications

Severe liver disease, systemic lupus erythromatous (risk of exacerbation) porphyria, avoid during pregnancy and one month after treatment , men should not father children with six months of treatment, avoid during breast feeding (due to fetotoxicity and teratotoxicity effect of Griseofulvin).

DIOFULVIN Side effects and adverse reaction

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, less frequently hepatotoxicity, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, sleep disturbance, impaired co-ordination, peripheral neuropathy, leucopenia, systemic lupus erythromatous rash (including rarely erythema, maltiforme, toxic epidermal necrosis and photosensitivity).

DIOFULVIN Precautions and warnings

Griseofulvin impairs performance of skilled task e.g. driving, effects of alcohol enhanced.

DIOFULVIN Drug interactions

Griseofulvin possibly enhance the effects of alcohol, reduces anticoagulant effects of coumarins, its absorption is decreased by antiepileptic i.e. primidone, barbiturates i.e. phernobarbitone (reduce effects), it reduce plasma concentration of cyclosporine and also accelerate the metabolism of oestrogen.

DIOFULVIN Symptoms and treatment of overdosage

 In case of overdosage seek medical assistance from the hospital immediately.


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