Iron, zinc, vitamins and Folic acid (Hemovit)

Iron, zinc, vitamins and Folic acid (Hemovit)


Therapeutic class is A11E-Vitamin B complex combination. Indicated in cases of established iron deficiency as in nutritional microcytic iron deficiency, iron deficiency anaemia, for prophylaxis of anaemia in pregnant and lactating women, growing children, anaemia following chronic blood loss, tropical disease, and worm infestation, bacterial or protozoal infection or following surgery, as nutritional supplement during old age, adolescence or convalescence.


 In patients receiving repeated blood transfusion or in patients with anaemia not produced by iron deficiency.

Side-effects and adverse effects

It may produce gastrointestinal disturbances like irritation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting and hypersensitivity reactions in some individuals.

Precautions and warnings

It should not be given together with antibiotics like tetracycline or antacids since they reduce the iron absorption. It should be given with care to patients with hyperocxaluria because of ascorbic acid. Hemovit should be used with caution in patients with sideroblastic anaemia, other nutritional anaemia not due to iron deficiency, history of peptic ulcer.

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