Relcer® gel (Antacid and Antiflatulent)

Relcer® gel contains the time tested antacids,
Aluminium Hydroxide gel and magnesium hydroxide to exert prompt and pronounced
acid neutralizing activity without the acid rebound sometimes seen with calcium

Simethicone causes gas bubbles to coalesce by changing their surface
tension thereby relieving flatus and gastric distention. Deglycyrrhizinated liquorice,
the purified extract of liquorice, improves the defensive action of gastric
mucosa by helping regeneration of mucus cells leading to greater mucus cell
turnover improving the quality and quantity of mucus. Besides, it exerts
spasmolytic activity.


Relcer® gel can be given with benefit in conditions of hyperacidity, gastritis, flatulence, dyspepsia


Relcer® gel can be given with benefit in conditions
of hyperacidity, gastritis, flatulence, dyspepsia and pain associated with
peptic ulceration or other causes. It also relieves heart-burn associated with
reflux oesophagitis, haitus, hernia or pregnancy.



Relcer® gel must not be used in patients with
impaired renal and hepatic function and in patients with cardiac blockade or
other heart diseases.

effects and adverse reactions

Relcer gel is generally very well tolerated.
Constipation which is often seen with plain Aluminium hydroxide formulations,
is not generally encountered. The slight constipating effect of aluminium
hydroxide is balanced by the mild laxative effect of magnesium hydroxide thus
avoiding any side effects in the treatment. The tolerance of the product is
very good. Adverse effects for Aluminium and magnesium may be seen in patients
taking aluminium hydroxide formulations for long periods may develop
hypophosphataemia and osteomalacia.

regimen and directions for use

1 to 2 teaspoons three or four times daily after
meals and at bedtime or as directed by the physician

and warnings

In patients of impaired renal function, relcer gel
should be administered as per physician’s direction. Although electrolyte
imbalance is not reported with Deglycyrrhizinated liquorice, it is advisable to
exercise caution in patients with hypertension, oedema or cardiac disorders.
Concomitant use of aluminium hydroxide with any form of tetracycline is not
advised as the antacid may prevent proper absorption of tetracycline. Aluminium
hydroxide is known to form complexes and can interfere with absorption or
excretion of warfarin digoxin, quinine and some other drugs. The therapeutic
effects of these drugs may be altered when aluminium hydroxide formulations are
used concomitantly.

and treatment of overdose

With moderate overdosage, aluminium hydroxide and
magnesium hydroxide compounds may cause nausea, vomiting, constipation or
diarrhea. With large overdosage, alkalosis, weakness, fatigue, nervous
irritability or muscle spasms may be seen. There is no specific antidote for
use in acute overdosage and the management will be as per symptoms.



There is no information available concerning
teratogenic effects due to the active ingredients of relcer gel. Relcer gel
must not be used during pregnancy or lactation unless indicated by the




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