Salimia liniment


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Salimia liniment contains counter-irritant and rubefacient that relieves pain and increases blood flow to the affected areas. Methyl salicylate acts as a local analgesic, capsicum oleoresin contains capsaicin that renders skin and joint insensitive to pain by depleting and preventing accumulation of substance P in peripheral sensory neurons. Substance P is the principal chemomediator of pain impulses from periphery to the CNS.


For relief of pain associated with musculoskeletal soreness and discomfort as in arthritis, rheumatism and bursitis.


In patients with aspirin or salicylate idiosyncrasy

Side effects/adverse reactions

Patients may feel warm stinging or burning sensation at the site of application, especially during initial few days of use.


Contact with eyes, irritated or broken skin should be avoided. Area should not be bandaged tightly. Hands must be washed after the application.


Keep all medicine out of the reach of children.


Adults and children over 5 years of age: apply Salimia liniment using cotton wool or a clean cloth to the affected area 3 to 4 times daily


Salimia contains methylated spirit, methanol can cause acidosis that can lead to blindness. Quantities of the other ingredients are small and may not cause any toxic effects. Gastric lavage and infusion of sodium lactate to be administered immediately. Haemodialysis may also be carried out. In case of delirium, if it occurs, diazepam should be administered.

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