menstrual cycle

Marjoram Quercus

Marjoram Quercus

Marjoram Quercus Directions: FOR ORAL USE ONLY. Dissolve pellets under the tongue 3-4 times daily. Ages 12 and older: 10 pellets. Ages 2-11: 5 pellets. Under age 2: Consult a doctor. Active Ingredients: 1 gm contains: 500 mg Quercus (Oak bark) 1X, 300mg Achillea (Yarrow flower) 1X, 300mg Capsella (Shepherd’s purse) 1X, 300 mg Majorana …

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Ovarian cysts

What are ovarian cysts?

An ovarian cyst is a sac or pouch filled with fluid or other tissue that forms in or on an ovary. Ovarian cysts are very common. They can occur during the childbearing years or after menopause. Most ovarian cysts are benign (not cancer) and go away on their own

Premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Most women feel physical or mood changes during the days before menstruation. When these changes affect a woman’s normal life, they are known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Premenstrual syndrome can affect menstruating women of all ages and backgrounds.