Health effects of nonmedical cannabis use

Cannabis, produced from the Cannabis sativa plant, is used in three forms: herbal cannabis, the dried leaves and flowering tops, also known as ‘cannabis,’ ganja,’ or ‘weed,’ among others; cannabis resin, the pressed secretions of the plant, known as ‘hashish’ or ‘charash;’ and cannabis oil

Methadone | Indication | side effects

Methadone | Indication | side effects

Methadone is part of a category called opioids. It was created by German doctors during World War II. When it arrived in the United States, it was used to treat people with extreme pain. Today, your doctor may use it as part of your treatment for an addiction to heroin or narcotic painkillers. It works a lot like morphine does. You can take it as a tablet, a powder, or a liquid. It must be prescribed by a doctor. People who take it illegally often inject it, which exposes them to diseases like HIV.