Advanced cancer in the pelvis

Pelvic exenteration

Pelvic exenteration: Patient information

Pelvic exenteration is a major operation during which some of the organs of the pelvis are removed. This surgery is normally offered to women who have already had treatments for their gynaecological cancer. The cancer has either returned or had not been cured by the initial treatment.

Pelvic exenteration

Pelvic exenteration types and indications

Pelvic exenteration is an extensive surgical procedure performed for locally advanced cancers in the pelvis. Since the time Brunschwig described Pelvic Exenteration in 1948 for advanced cervical cancer, this procedure has evolved over decades. Traditionally a multivisceral resection in the pelvis involves total extirpation of the pelvic viscera (bladder, uterus in women and rectum) with a permanent colostomy and urinary conduit.

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