ZOSEC® (Omeprazole 20mg)

ZOSEC® (Omeprazole 20mg)

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ZOSEC® (Omeprazole 20mg)

Omeprazole is a (RS)-5-methoxy-2-(4-methoxy-3,5-dimethyl-2-pyridinyl methyl sulfinyl)-1H-benzimidazole. Its empirical formula is C17H19N3O3S with molecular weight 345.42

It is a substituted benzimidazole derivative.


  • Duodenal and gastric ulcers
  • Reflux ulcerative oesophagitis
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
  • NSAID induced ulcers


Gastric ulcer: 20mg OD for 8 weeks, in severe cases it should be increased to 40mg OD

Duodenal ulcer: 20mg OD for 8 weeks

Reflux Oesophagitis: 20mg OD for 4 weeks, in refractory cases 40mg OD

Zollinger Ellison Syndrome: 60mg OD maintenance therapy 30 to 120mg, doses of more than 60mg per day should be divided into two doses


Side effects

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea


  • Not known so far

Drug interactions

It interacts with cytochrome P450 and inhibits hepatic metabolism of Diazepam, Phenytoin and Warfarin


  • It is not recommended for use in children
  • Prolonged use may cause liver cirrhosis very rarely

Usage and administration

Oral; Zosec capsules should be swallowed whole and not to be opened/ chewed or crushed

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